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Be One by Scott Smith

God asked us to Be One, so it is important that we collaborate to show that the Kingdom of which we are citizens has one purpose as well.   Not only the work we do, but the manner in which we do it, shows whose we are and that Jesus is the King.  As we trust that each other’s motives are to steward our God given tasks, we can work together and Be One in  HIs Kingdom.


We are all called to work in grace, knowing that each of us is called to a different task of obedience by God.  We show respect to each other as we learn the ways of collaboration.  It is a learning process because we have been taught in the business world and through our educational systems the ways of being competitive with each other and pitting ourselves against one other.  So, as we are all being obedient to our calling, we undermine this old way and seek a new way of cooperation. We need to expect in this process some hiccups and even some stepped on toes.  But, it is where we must go to show the world we are one Body in Christ.


I know that if we all remember that we love Jesus, we will rejoice in all Kingdom work whether it is of our hand or not.  We will also learn what it means to trust through working together.  I do not say this as someone who is great at this, but I love the fact that we are in a time of testing the waters of unity and working through the rough seas we sometimes find ourselves in.  More must be done.  We will all get better at it.  Let’s keep moving ahead in grace and truth.

By Scott Smith, president of the Fellowship Chamber