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Ending Racism?! by Jeff Kreiser

In late summer of 2013, Pastor Francis Anfuso of the Rock of Roseville called me into a meeting to talk about something.  Francis was in the midst of building toward the first meeting to identify, build up and unleash the “revival graces” within the wider church in the Sacramento region through an effort called Leading in These Times (learn more at www.leadinginthesetimes.com ).  As I had been invited to be the spokesperson for the Service grace, I naturally thought that would be the subject of the meeting.  Instead, he shared a vision, a passion, a “what if” about ending racism in America and taking on this toughest of issues right here in Sacramento.  All I could say was, “wow, do we really want to go after that”.  Racing through my head were the thousand reasons why this was not a good idea as a young gospel movement was finding legs a year after the Luis Palau Sacramento Festival.  Didn’t we have enough to work on with Leading in These Times, a third Season of Service, building the City Pastors Fellowship and other efforts?  But, this was not just an idea, but a calling of God for many leaders in our region.  Almost a year later, we have experienced steps forward through the MLK March, an effort to Make Us 1 and intentional relationship building among the diverse ethnic make-up of our city and region.  Check out this fresh video full of leaders committed to keeping this at the front of our minds and agendas as we work for transformation in the greater Sacramento region.


-Jeff Kreiser