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Contract or Covenant by Dan Axtell

Do you know the difference between a covenant and a contract? A short illustration might help. Say your
car goes into the shop for repairs. To get around you can borrow one or rent one. If you borrow one, you
will need to find someone who trusts your character. If you rent one, you’ll need to come up with some
cash. Both ways you get a car, but one transaction is a covenant while the other is based on a contract.
The rental company will want a contract. Contracts keep people honest by assigning penalties for either
party if they break their commitment. Covenants celebrate the liberty that comes from trust. Covenants
take into account the good character of the other person and willfully enter into an agreement with them
based on their promise alone. That’s what God offers us; a covenant relationship. When you trust your
life to God you are safe because His character is good.