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Steep Decline by Pastor Dan Axtell

For more than 50 years the American church has had a declining influence on culture. Years ago, the
small country of El Salvador experienced a similarly alarming trend. In response, their pastors worked
together to change the future for this small country of 6 million people.
After 20 years of hard work and cooperation the number of Christians had swelled from 2% to 38%.
Every person saw the Jesus film 3X. There was one church for every 700 people, 4 Christian Universities,
5 Christian Newspapers, 19 Christian Radio Stations, 8th Largest Church in the world with over 120,000
and a Christian President.
But, after all this, gangs, drugs, crime and corruption were worse than ever before. How is this possible?
More and bigger are poor substitutes for transformation. Our Churches need depth to match our width.
~Transforming Moment
by Pastor Dan Axtell