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Q Commons Featured Blog – Jeff Kreiser



Bridging the gap between Christian worldview and mainstream culture is no easy task. So often, the reality of faith, and the values of Christianity are lost in translation.

The person and message of Christ is a positive, life-affirming, beautiful reality for all people, but it can get put into a small corner of the culture that restricts its effectiveness.  Sometimes, it is we as Christians who keep it in a tiny space in the corners of culture rather than bringing it out into the public square in a winsome way.

Q Commons Sacramento is meant to be part of the effort at getting the voices of thought leaders who have Christ at the center both heard and talked about throughout the greater Sacramento region.  The Q Commons gathering on February 26 is a local gathering that is sponsored by the ACTS Group, William Jessup University, 95 West, E49 Corporation and Mikuni Foundation and is focused around talks related to advancing good in the world.

Best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell (Tipping Point, David and Goliath), TV producer Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Bible) and broadcast journalist Soledad O’Brien will all present their ideas via broadcast through Q Ideas national.  Locally, KLOVE/Air1 President Mike Novak and Business Consultant and former Sacramento King Lasalle Thompson will share live talks, while Bishop Jaime Soto and President John Jackson will dialogue on Catholic and Evangelical connectedness and cooperation.

In a conference-saturated space, how does Q Commons stand out?

The unique quality of Q Commons is that the focus is not on trained pastors or theologians presenting a blueprint for Christian living, but culture-makers sharing how they are living out that blueprint in their daily world.  It’s my hope that people who attend Q Commons will catch values, language and be able to ask themselves the questions about our culture that we ask our speakers: what is right, what is wrong, what is missing and what needs to be challenged?”