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March is a month full of “hopes”. For many high school seniors, they are hoping to receive a college acceptance. For basketball players and hundreds of teams that participate at the high school and college level, they enter the end of season tournaments hoping to be the last team remaining. For all of us preparing our taxes, we hope there is a refund rather than a big bill. So many more examples could be shared on this same theme. Hope and pursuit and dreaming is built into us by our Creator. But, so many of us have our hopes inhibited. I had an interesting reminder this past week about the message that so many people receive early in life “don’t get your hopes up”. It is a fatalistic, negative message disassociated from the reality of the Christ follower. No one likes being disappointed. Only one team will get to be champion, some students won’t get into college – or the college of their choice – and many of us will have to pay something additional to Uncle Sam. The reality of disappointments must not hold us back from pursuing the dream, the goal, the result that burns in our heart. Whether something unfolds the way we “hoped” or not, the Lord is with us, and our future with him is certain both in this the life we are living here on earth and eternally in heaven. Take courage today, and DO get your hopes up.

My hopes are up concerning the ability to see the funding partners come on board to fully implement the Every School/Every Neighborhood Initiative. A church partner for every public school and churches specifically committed to bringing the gospel to the neighborhoods surrounding the school is a pursuit worth following to the end. I hope you can join me at one of our many informational gatherings to learn more – see end of this newsletter for times and locations. We are on the move, and I know if you are reading this – you are too.


Moving together, we are the ACTS Group –
Jeff Kreiser