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Pastors: We Are In This Together

I do not have a mega church, but I am a part of a mega church. I am a part of many churches forming together to build up what is the true mega church – the church in the city. This simple truth is at the very center of who I am. Why? You see, I did not grow up in church. The only church exposure I had was going twice a year when I visited my grandparents. Because of this, when I was saved, I did not know anything about church culture in regard to denominations and other church cultural differences.

God gave me the great opportunity to be exposed to a group of pastors with a goal and passion of gathering together. Their understanding was that if we want to see a move of God, the leaders must to come together. The main pastor of this group had a firm understanding of praying and crossing denominational lines. Both through me not knowing anything regarding church differences and divisions, as well as being surrounded by these pastors, the Holy Spirit truly marked me for life. I came to the realization that through relationship, crossing denominational lines, reaching out and bringing together leaders, we can see a move of God. It takes relationship! I believe that if we are united relationally, we can see a move of God like we have never seen before. I act on this truth daily.

When you come to this realization, your life will change. You come to an understanding that you are not just leading in your local church, you are pastoring the city. You are not only pastoring your city, but pastoring alongside other pastors who are also pastoring your city. When you transition to live out the “it’s not about me, it’s about we” mentality, you change. The atmosphere changes when all of us work together to accomplish God’s will in this time and in this moment. We realize this is our one shot – we do not get second chances. This will take all of us caring that only Jesus gets the credit. We can change the world together, by relationship and pressing in by encouraging, praying, and having compassion for one another.

When pastors are united, it means they work as if they are playing for the same team. They celebrate the work of God in one another. They collaborate, support one another and even prefer one another. If one pastor is making a difference, then I am making a difference, because we are in this together. This is the true mega-church: coming together, putting aside our differences, and collaboratively working together to have the world reached with the truth of Jesus Christ.


Don Proctor; Senior Pastor of Impact Church

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