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September From the Director

September is a month of “kick offs” and often crowded with activity as people get into a new season. Regionally, we will be celebrating our third annual “Farm to Fork” Festival September 12-26 with many events. Back to school nights are happening, and high school football. Churches begin their fall cycle of retreats and launches of initiatives. In the midst of this activity, a simple “night out” with leaders can seem like just one more thing to add to the filling calendar – but it is not. It is another vital link in a chain of connections being built in the region for ongoing gospel movement.

In the Spring of this year, a team met to rethink Q Commons Sacramento and invest time, energy and money into creating a premiere one night experience to link people with a common heart and vision to “stay curious, think well and advance good”. We said “yes” to continuing partnership with www.Qideas.org nationally and creating experiences locally that link gospel centered leaders. Gabe Lyons, founder of Q Ideas, has done a great job over the last 8 years or so of building a tribe of curious, thinking, activists who happen to have Jesus right in the middle of everything. Here in the Sacramento region, we have been developing a platform www.convergence.world that is intent on this same thing, so it was a natural connection with Q in early 2014.

If you are new to all of this, ACTS Group has put on two Q Commons events, one in October 2014 and one in February of this year. The event convenes 150 or so leaders from what we call the 7 channels of cultural influence. Only about 15% of attendees are in vocational ministry. The evening is a mix of several “global talks” that happen the same day in New York, with local speakers/panels sharing on issues of concern for our region.

This year, our local lineup is “stellar” with the Executive Director of World Impact, Efrem Smith, sharing about understanding issues of race that are stirring around the country. We also have Pastor Scott Hagan who will speak on the issue of fatherlessness, with William Jessup University President John Jackson moderating a “panel of possibilities” in how this issue is being directly addressed in our city. Sosamma Samuel Burnett rounds out our local speaker group as she gives perspective on issues of social and economic justice as it relates to the upcoming election cycle.

Straight up – don’t miss this night to be around other leaders who will be connecting with these vital topics and finding others who want to find the ways to transform lives and culture.

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Jeff Kreiser

ACTS Group Director