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Hope Rising

What would cause a twelve-year-old boy to put a rope around his neck and end his life? This distressing question was turned over and over again in parents and students minds just weeks after the school year had begun. The primary cause that was pointed out was bullying. Yet, bullying is not the only thing that would cause this type of action. It could’ve been any number of behaviors, environments, exposures, or incidences that would make somebody vulnerable to distress, isolation, discouragement, depression, and, ultimately, hopelessness. This is an epidemic in our society.  Many are wondering if there will be a good tomorrow, if there is hope for a better day, if there is meaning in this thing we call life. Where can hope be found?

There is something engrained in the human psyche that craves for something more, a hope hunger that tomorrow will be better than today. For a Christian, this desire has been deeply satisfied by faith. By awakening to a presence of a real God and a real and personal relationship with this God, hope rises from within.  There will be a good tomorrow, there is hope for a better day, there is meaning to it all, and beyond! Christian scripture states that Christians have a new life and a living hope. For the believer, hope rises through a confidence in a future positive outcome.

How does this hope rise? It begins through praying. For the Christian, praying out loud is an exercise that settles everything in the heart and resettles the soul into its proper place. Through praying, the mind and the soul align.  There is an affirmation of allegiance and declaration of the life lived in God. Prayerful Christians find that hope will rise.

Everywhere Jesus went hope was rising. Hopeless people needed to see a hopeful person. People need to see that today.  The true Christian finds himself amongst the hopeless serving. Through faithful presence and simple service hopeless people ask “why, are you doing this?” Christians are taught that they have a reason to share the hope that they have. They have been equipped to answer this question to the hopeless with an answer full of purpose and hope.  Hope rises as Christians today engage the hopeless with the hope that they have found.


Jeff Kreiser; Director of The ACTS Group and founder of Covnergence.World

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