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From The Director January 2016

I want to share with you transparently that this has been the greatest and hardest year yet for the ACTS Group. While energetically continuing to do the good work of advancing the four strategic initiatives in the region (prayer, service, leaders, gospel), we made the shift into nonprofit corporate status outside of William Jessup University. It has been hard work building business systems and corporate structure that will allow this missional organization to reach its full potential. But, we have clearly seen that this shift was essential – especially as it concerns finances. With all of the positive aspects of working from within Jessup, the perception of most was that ACTS Group was directly and substantially financially supported by Jessup. The reality was that Jessup provided supportive systems, positive accountability and in-kind service, but there were not dollars directly allocated to ACTS. In other words, ACTS Group from the beginning in 2012 has been reliant upon specified giving by individuals, churches and businesses.

Operating now as an independent organization outside of Jessup, it has become a lot easier for individuals, churches and businesses to understand that the work of “catalyzing and mobilizing united Christian initiatives” in the region needs everyone’s fiscal support, whether large or small. Ministry is fueled by money. As we close the year, we realize that only 2% of the 3000 people who are engaged with ACTS Group via our events, initiatives, communications and social media have made a contribution. Only 8% of the churches who have participated with SacramentoPRAYS, Serve United or Convergence initiatives or events have made ACTS Group one of their mission partners. Only 9 businesses or organizations have made a contribution.

For the ACTS Group to move forward in strength and vigor in 2016, we need to see these numbers change a lot in the next 30 days and into the new year. Our ACTS staff is devoted to helping inform and make simple a process for monthly or one time gifts for individuals, for congregations to make ACTS Group a mission partner, and for businesses to help underwrite Convergence and Q Commons. We will report to you each week the progress of the support base for ACTS Group. If everyone does something, we can close 2015 well and open 2016 with a resounding YES to cooperative gospel work in the Sacramento region.

Until everyone hears, understands and has the opportunity to respond to Jesus –

Jeff Kreiser, Executive Director of the ACTS Group