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Response – Refugees: The Stories We Tell

Since my colleague Joy Justus shared at this Convergence Conversation, much has happened and much has stayed the same.  Violence in Paris, Beirut and San Bernardino has awakened (or re-awakened) deep fears.  Refugees are still in desperate situations searching for home and hope in their uncertain journey.  How do we as followers of Christ unite as One Body in the redemptive mission He has entrusted to us?  How do we overcome the fear and the uncertainty to faithfully represent the gospel, both lived and spoken?  The wisdom Joy shared in this video is just as relative now as it was before she spoke.  Because I believe she reminds us of both the nature of the gospel and the humility we all need to embrace as we consider our fellow image-bearers with no home to call their own.  As we do so we begin to understand more fully what it was like for Christ to leave so much behind to reach towards us as loving friend and powerful Savior.

Kirt Lewis, Director of World Relief Sacramento


To learn more about Kirt, Joy and other people who are making a difference in their communities check out Convergence.World