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From the Director March 2016

A Healthy Disregard for the Impossible

In the 2012 update from the CEO to investors, Larry Page, co-founder of Google, talked about the slogan on which the company was built – “a healthy disregard for the impossible”.  He emphasized how he would often remind employees “we operate this company with a healthy disregard for the impossible”.   Wait a minute, Larry Page – of Jewish ancestry, but not raised with any religion and never reported as practicing any sort of faith at all – is operating on this principle and, in it, seeing the creation and growth of the preeminent search tool in the world?

In 2013, Sacramento went through a dramatic journey in which it was said to be “impossible” to keep the NBA’s Sacramento Kings franchise in town.  There is a documentary, Playing to Win, that focuses primarily on the city’s seemingly impossible mission to keep the Kings in Sacramento.  Rusty Prevatt, the film’s director, sauys “It was a David versus Goliath story for the ages about our community rising up and basically standing up to a fight—and winning.”  Wait a minute, a coalition of government, business, media and entertainment leaders contending together for a cause that has resulted in an arena and entertainment complex that is revitalizing downtown and allowing important social issues to be raised and addressed?

How about in 2014 when the Sacramento Republic FC won the USL Pro Championship in the first season of its existence.  A pro club winning a title out of the gate – impossible?  But, it happened – and the momentum and the tens of thousands of millenials flocking to the region are propelling a bid to move into Major League Soccer.  The video “Live, Work Play” casts a vision for the good life in a flourishing city with soccer at its heart –  https://www.youtube.com/user/SacRepublicFC

As 2015 closed, the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau adopted the slogan “Feed Your Soul” to promote the city as America’s farm to fork capital.  As the campaign says clearly – “life is sweeter in Sacramento.”  http://visitsacramento.com/feedyoursoul   What’s going on here?  Is this impossible?  Earthly systems using spiritual language to describe the flourishing city, the good life, and the accomplishment of impossible tasks in the city and region in which we live.

2012 was the same year that the Palau Sacramento Festival united churches and gospel based leaders – something seemingly impossible when Rev. Henry Wells and others worked toward it for 7 years.  Through the ACTS Group (founded in 2012), William Jessup University, City Pastors Fellowship and other notable organizations and events, gospel based leaders ramped up setting a spiritual tone and environment in the heavenly places that is being reflected on the earth.  Gospel centered leaders – let’s operate with a healthy disregard for the impossible! We know the God who says NOTHING will be impossible with him. A city in which every person has come to a knowledge of Jesus Christ . . . Impossible?  Wait a minute!


Until everyone hears, understands and has the opportunity to respond to Jesus –

Jeff Kreiser, Executive Director of the ACTS Group