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Redeeming Culture Through The Arts

We cannot be afraid of the messy. There is so much freedom when we no longer fear the messy and allow ourselves to dive into it. Throughout history Christianity has had a very small box on what is “allowable” and the world has a pretty massive one. Then you have to think about God. See, God does not have a box. We have our small Christian box, the massive box of the world, and then the freedom of a limitless God that is not held to the laws of a box. Having a limitless God brings freedom. This provides the freedom to dive into the things that are edifying and the things that are cautionary and hard.

We have to create, to foster creativity, we must create a world where people like to create. Christian movies for example, they may be artistically rough but they are getting better. Our artwork does not just have to be about Christians, branching out is okay. Just because it is religious does not make it holy.

The Church needs to be a patron of the Arts. What would happen if the Church went downtown when all the artists are out selling their art and we took a thousand dollars and went out to find art we liked and bought it? How would the artists respond? They would be amazed; a church just bought their work! Keep in mind it doesn’t matter if the artist is Christian or not. Do we go to Walmart and wonder “Who created this ladle? I need to know if they are Christian.” If you like the piece of art, you think it would look nice in your church, buy it. It doesn’t matter if they are Christian or not. Imagine what they could do to the artist! That is revival right there.


Derek Martin; Chair of the Creative Arts Department at William Jessup University 

To learn more about Derek and others who are making a difference in their communities check out Convergence.World