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Passion Week Devotional 2020

Palm Sunday is about the fulfillment of a dream for a people. They had been hoping for the return of a king who would come to the city established by David. It was David who united the tribes of Israel, established the nation and conquered their foes. The Davidic kingdom was an ideal that people longed to see come again. There had been many “messiahs” – saviors – over the last nearly hundred years. But, maybe now was the time. A man had arrived who had a following, had done mighty deeds and was not afraid of claiming an authority none had seen before. Could this be the time of the new kingdom? Could this be the Messiah?

This week, take time daily with the Lord this week – seek Jesus and his embrace.  Click the link below to download the devotional.

Passion Week Devotional 2020 by Jeff Kreiser