Who We Are

The ACTS Group (TAG) is a consultancy made up of proven, fruitful leaders who enjoy building client success through their areas of expertise.  The organization’s roots are in cooperative leadership that took place in 2012 around a Luis Palau Festival.  Located in Sacramento, California, the ACTS Group has engaged with clients both locally and nationally.   

Why TAG?

Following the Luis Palau Sacramento Festival in 2012, the ACTS Group was formed to continue and build upon the momentum of the united efforts of churches, leaders, businesses and non-profits.  There was an acknowledged need for a third-party support ministry for leadership, service, and prayer.  For three years TAG provided this backbone support for ongoing collective impact. At the beginning of 2016, it was recognized that the focus on leadership and organizational consulting for unified initiatives was evident in Sacramento and beyond.  The ACTS Group reorganized to engage with leaders and organizations who recognize their need to engage with catalytic leaders who can help move their desires and hopes to activated realities.

What We Do

The ACTS Group provides consulting services that help leaders, organizations and churches achieve their goals of greater impact and flourishing.  A key focus for our work is to build relationships and coalitions that work well together on specific objectives with measurable outcomes over time.  A specific program is offered for activating unified gospel initiatives in communities and cities.  We also work with individual leaders, organizations and churches for strategic review and planning, as well as communication and content strategy and development.


Jeff Kreiser
Megan McCleary
Merisa Moy
Ross McCall
Gigi Barrios


Donna Trumbo
Brian Burger
Dean Deguara


Donna Trumbo
Brian Burger
Dean Deguara