“When serious followers of Jesus in any particular city become more consciously aware of one another, and intentional about connecting and learning from one another what they are learning from Jesus…you will have the makings of authentic spiritual awakening.” – Dallas Willard

Convergence is about convening leaders who are positioned for and invested in the transformation of their community and culture to relate, learn and act together.  Bringing leading believers together into collaborative relationships doing gospel good over months and years will bring measurable evidence of the change they want to see.

Convergence is the operational team of the ACTS Group working on the leaders’ strategy. Learn more at www.Convergence.World

Activating Coalitions of Transformative Leaders


We facilitate an environment for cross sector conversation and collaboration among gospel centered leaders in the channels of social and cultural influence in cities and communities. We create virtual and actual environments where church, civic, marketplace, media, arts, education and nonprofit leaders connect, build community and find ways to collaborate with one another for gospel saturation and community transformation.   The most essential work is convening leaders who are positioned for and invested in the transformation of their community and culture to relate, learn and act together.

Meet a Few of our Activators!

Dean Deguara


Heather Kreiser

Cole Zick

Strategic Initiatives

Activation Training:  Activation Training is a process that helps churches, businesses organizations and other groups form and establish a strategic plan to serve a community in a collaborative fashion. 

Data for Decisions:  Data for Decisions is a research tool used annually to take key soci0-cultural data for a city or community and cross compare it with data about the collective Church to measure progress or regress.  City Snapshot and Partner Survey are other tools to mark progress on specific initiatives.

Q Commons:  In partnership with Q (www.qideas.org), Q Commons is an annual rhythm of gathering leaders from all kinds of backgrounds and vocations for a night of inspiration and conversation about how we as Christians can advance good in our cities and communities. 

Q Community:  Q Community gatherings are invitational dinners that allow gospel based leaders to get to know one another and address pressing topics throughout the year.

Convergence “Live”: Convergence “Live” is an event that provides a platform for influential voices to speak to issues that are relevant to city and community leadership.

Convergence Conversation:  Convergence Conversation is the podcast that builds leadership awareness, influence and tenacity.  

Channels of Leadership Influence:

Arts & Entertainment influences through story and inspiration

Business influences through innovation and economics 

Church influences through personal and corporate faith  

Education influences through establishing knowledge and world view 

Government influences through law, policies and appropriations 

Media & Technology influences through connection and delivery 

Social Services/Family influences through social and relational engagement 


Some Recommended Resources



Activating Coalitions of Transformative Leaders

Convening leaders who are positioned for and invested in the transformation of their community and culture


Activating Coordinated Strategic Service    

Mobilizing people into action to bring measurable positive change in schools and in causes of community concern


Activating Unified Persistent Prayer

Moving every church, believer-led business, organization and institution into a vibrant prayer life


Activating Intentional Effective Evangelism

Engaging believers into winsome ways of sharing the gospel where they live, work, learn and play