CityPRAYS strives to see every church, believer-led business, organization and institution having a vibrant prayer life. Activating believers into unified persistent prayer that permeates and transforms the city.

CityPRAYS is the strategic organization of the ACTS Group working on activating prayer. Learn more at www.cityprays.us.


Activating Unified Persistent Prayer


No amount of human effort alone will transform a city.  History shows that if we want to see a city transformed it starts with prayer. “Prayer First” in a city or community is what we advocate.  In all of the gatherings of leaders, activities of service and engagement in evangelism, we pray first.  Prayer for each other, our communities of faith and the spheres of cultural influence that make up our city are in obedience to Jesus who taught us to pray, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” Matthew 6:10.  We see every church, believer-led business, organization and institution having a vibrant prayer life and being connected to one another for prayer that permeates and transforms the city.  We see clarity, unity and specificity in our prayers so all will know that it is God who is answering the prayers of his people.  We see prayer, agreement and action as vital to city transformation.

Meet a Few of our Activators!

 Judy Trent Whitnack Adena Hodges  Annie Fish


Activation Training:  Activation Training is a process that helps churches, businesses organizations and other groups form and establish healthy prayer practices in which prayer becomes their way of life.

Prayer Leaders Fellowship:  Prayer Leaders Fellowship is the formation of a regular rhythm of prayer leaders of local churches, organizations and/or businesses meeting together for support, encouragement, inspiration and equipping.

Unify! Worship & Prayer:  Unify! Worship & Prayer gathers together the diversity of God’s people in a community or city to set aside their differences and lift up their common belief and commitment to Jesus Christ.

One Church-One Day:  One Church-One Day provides a simple way for churches, organizations and groups to pray together for their community in strategic and relevant ways. Each church takes one day every month to pray for 24 hours.

Gospel Advancing Prayer:  Gospel Advancing Prayer (GAP) Groups are believers from various churches and organizations who pray in their community and for their community on a regular basis.

Some Recommended Resources . . .

One Church One Day Impact Video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsWmEu-BxtY

Start a Moms in Prayer Group – https://momsinprayer.org/get-involved/usa-group-types/



Activating Coalitions of Transformative Leaders

Convening leaders who are positioned for and invested in the transformation of their community and culture


Activating Coordinated Strategic Service    

Mobilizing people into action to bring measurable positive change in schools and in causes of community concern


Activating Unified Persistent Prayer

Moving every church, believer-led business, organization and institution into a vibrant prayer life


Activating Intentional Effective Evangelism

Engaging believers into winsome ways of sharing the gospel where they live, work, learn and play